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We continue to to grow and expand our resources and Liason lists.  These are sources that have been recommended to us, have helped up, or have helped those we know. 

Take care of yourself.


International EMS and Firefighter Pride Alliance

 - Organization with national action and exposure with training opportunities

TCOPS International

 - Amazing resource for trans LEO individuals and organizations

The Pride flag

 - Understanding the Pride flag history

Healthcare Guide

 - Guide for LGBTQ+ individuals and partners

Understanding Identities

 - What do the identity labels mean?


 - LGBTQ+ advocacy and media representation

Colorado LGBTQ+ Health Resources

 - Local specific resources with information that can help anyone

LGBTQ Retire Guide

 - Who doesn't need more support for retirement planning?

Have LGBTQ resources to suggest?

Email us!

First Responder Resources

National Fallen Firefighters

 - Honor and support firefighters and their families

Law Enforcement Resources

 - DHS site with a wide range of LEO resources

Flash Point - Book

  -A firefighters journey through PTSD

Out to Protect - Book

 -Coming out from behind the badge

Alarm in the Firehouse - Book

 - Memoir of the first openly gay firefighter

Both Sides of The Fire Line - Book

 - Memoir of a Transgender firefighter

Bobbie on Fire

 -Blog from Bobbie Scopa

Breaking Free, A saga of a self discovery  - Book

 - A saga of self discovery by a gay secret service agent

First responder resources to suggest?

Email us!

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