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Our team has been working to develop trainings and classes for first responders.  The training team includes a nationally recognized educator, career first responders, and members of the LGBTQ community.  Our focus is on conscientiously inclusive training that is applicable and useful for all first responders.

Audiovisual Conference

LGBTQ Responder History and Awareness

It started as answering questions.  Then more questions.  And a need was realized.  Responders wanted to learn how to talk and treat members of the LGBTQ+ community with respect.

This training is aprox 90 minutes long depending on discussion at the conclusion. It is  PowerPoint and lecture based.

Our team is available in person to present the training within 1.5 hr drive of Baltimore.  It has been presented to multiple recruit classes with positive reviews.

Email us for more information!

Training and Lesson Plan Consultation

Our team is available to consult with first responder agencies to create new trainings or update current trainings.  Our approach to bring a combined 40 years of military and first responder experience with nationally recognized educators will help make your trainings relatable and inclusive.

Email us to start the conversation!

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