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About Responders for PRIDE

Responders for PRIDE is working to fulfill our mission of equality, education, and support of our first responder LGBTQ+ community through visibility, fundraising, scholarships, and awareness.


The first responder community deserves to be a place for everyone to be their authentic selves while serving the community at large.

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Mission Statement

Responders for PRIDE envision a world where the first responder community views and accepts LGBTQ+ persons as equals.  They are valued as their authentic selves.  We seek to show the community at large we are a welcoming service, where they do not need to hide who they are.  Responders for PRIDE works to assist the LGBTQ+ and first responder community to bring about cultural change for the acceptance of all.


  1. Partner with community organizations to impact change within the LGBTQIA+ community

  2. Provide life saving classes, such as first aid and CPR, to our at risk LGBTQIA+ youth

  3. Continue to support The Trevor Project

  4. Provide training for first responder agencies on LGBTQIA+ issues; such as pronouns, retention, and recruitment. 

  5. Support our LGBTQIA+ youth in their training and education within the fields of EMS, Fire, Criminal Justice.

Responders for Pride

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