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About Responders for PRIDE

Responders for PRIDE is working to fulfill our mission of equality, education, and support of our first responder LGBTQ+ community through visibility, fundraising, scholarships, and awareness.


The first responder community deserves to be a place for everyone to be their authentic selves while serving the community at large.

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Mission Statement

Responders for PRIDE envision a world where the first responder community views and accepts LGBTQ+ persons as equals.  They are valued as their authentic selves.  We seek to show the community at large we are a welcoming service, where they do not need to hide who they are.  Responders for PRIDE works to assist the LGBTQ+ and first responder community to bring about cultural change for the acceptance of all.


  1. Partner with community organizations to impact change within the LGBTQIA+ community

  2. Provide life saving classes, such as first aid and CPR, to our at risk LGBTQIA+ youth

  3. Continue to support The Trevor Project

  4. Provide training for first responder agencies on LGBTQIA+ issues; such as pronouns, retention, and recruitment. 

  5. Support our LGBTQIA+ youth in their training and education within the fields of EMS, Fire, Criminal Justice.

Financial Statement

Please email us for a copy of our financial statements, such as IRS 990, or a copy of our IRS 501c3 exempt documentation.  These will be provided electronically for free.

We are a brand new non profit but hope to have easily accessible electronic documentation available in the next year.

Thank you so much for your support and interest!

Responders for Pride

Help us grow support for our community

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