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About Us

We started as three providers in the Baltimore area that wanted to show support for our LGBTQ+ community through our career organization.  We began in 2019 with T-shirts.  We were blown away by the fire department, first responder, and community support and excitement.  It showed us this was an important and needed thing.

We became an official 501c3 non-profit public charity organizaion in 2023.

We are 100% volunteer and committed to continuing to support the LGBTQ+ first responder community and use our growing organization to bring about cultural change and acceptance. 


Love is Love!!

Our Amazing Team

Through the process of building this organization we have found such an amazing team - a family!  Our board of directors are made up of the three people who began this idea.


We have had wonderful people volunteer their time and efforts as we have grown.

We are constantly moved by the excitement and passion people show for our goals.


All of you rock!

“I am a 37 yr veteran firefighter and was in the closet for the majority of my career.  I worked in a time when being Gay was kept to yourself and never openly talked about.  I am retired now and will always show my support for my fellow

LGBTQ Firefighters!


— Ron

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