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Public Safety Liaisons

What is a Liaison?

An LGBTQIA liaison is a point of contact who is to facilitate public safety agencies engagement with the LGBTQIA community, and serve as a resource for the agencies employees. 

The liaison collaborates within multiple divisions of the agency to educate, assist and interact with employees, residents, businesses and organizations about LGBTQIA issues. The position is often based in the agency's Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Unit.

In addition, the liaison focuses on the public safety needs of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and their allied communities.

The goal in establishing the position is to gain the trust of the community and the employee membership as a whole.

How to become an LGBTQIA Liaison

LGBTQIA Liaison are growing within the public safety vector.  Is your department in need of a Liaison?

Follow these Steps to grow your department:

1. Gather a team (i.e other liaisons, LGBTQIA members and allies within your department).

2. Find the need within your community. (i.e inclusive language, SOP's rule and regulations, point of contact for specific LGBTQIA resources, gender identity and pronoun training)

3. Gather those needs and arrange the information you will propose to your administration.

4. Request a meeting with your administration, and present them with the need for a liaison.

5. Once one is appointed, take baby steps so as to not become overwhelmed with the needs.  (i.e introduce yourself, open lines of communication, focus on simple projects)

6. The liaison can collaborate with the Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion office of your Jurisdiction.

7. Email us your contact information to be added to the liaison list.

8. Congratulations, you helped create great things!

Are you a Liaison and want to be added to the list?

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