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Be careful who you hate

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

The statement be careful who you hate, it could be someone you love could not be more true. I grew up with parents that were completely accepting of other LGBT family members. I also knew I was a lesbian from a very young age, and grew up in the liberal city of London. yet it was still hard to let my parents know who I truly was. I tried to conform to the "social norms" and make other people comfortable by not being true to myself. I heard the passive statements of hate, and saw the violence that came with being "different" from society, this shaped much of my decision to hide me.

We currently live in the climate of an attack on LGBTQIA through law. There have been over 460 introduced laws against our community so far this year, many of those against the transgender community.

We are telling our children they can not be their true authentic selves. We do this by arguing over their existence, by boycotting companies for the support of the LGBTQIA community, and by the passive or not so passive statements made. No wonder the youth in our community is at a higher risk of suicide, with over 45% of them considering or have considered suicide in the past.

I was one of those kids even with a supportive family. So I ask you to think about those vulnerable children, and practice kindness and understanding. Show them they are loved, and nothing else matters but their happiness.

Nicola Maguire


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