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Great Minds, We will See

We had our first official meeting, after filing for our non-profit status with the state.

With our commitment to stay transparent, we want to share the discussion of our future plans. We plan on continuing our donations to help our LGBTQIA+ youth with #thetervorproject and start expanding in our communities. Our priority right now is becoming as visible as possible, in order to serve you in the best way we can. So please share pictures of your stickers and merch, we would love to see all the places #respondersforpride has reached. Also if you are comfortable, please let us know how #respondersforpride can help you or your loved ones. This can help us drive into a more meaninful way of moving forward.

We also have our first event coming up in 2 weeks, so please join us, tickets are still available just check out the website We are looking forward to seeing you there, don't forget BYOB.

Meet our 3 founders: our ally, creative director and visionary, Katy Garroway; our IT and logistics, Susan Arnett and finally our director and community advocate, Nicola Maguire.

As Pictured from Left to Right, Nicola Maguire, Katy Garroway, Susan Arnett

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out, we normally respond within 24 hours,

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