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Dorothy's Tornado

It really is March, isn't it? The winds have barely stopped for days. I have had to chase random garden things and door wreaths thru the yard. And weigh them down. Then do it again.

But the wind isn't stopping our progress! We have updated our website, working on making our app a nicer place to be. We have shirts that should be up for purchase in the next two weeks even! New stickers will be on the way soon. Our talented Katy is working on some limited edition Pride shirts to celebrate with in June.

Nicola and I are working on some events behind the scenes. We have paint night plans, drag bingo dreams, and more happy hour ideas. We want to be visible and active with our community, we want to be transparent with our goals.

We always welcome feedback and ideas! This organization is for everyone and we would love to hear how you feel we could be more visible, raise funds, that cool design idea you want to share..

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