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New Year, Who Dis?

Well.. February, almost March 2023.. but its still a new year! Changes within our departments uniform regulations mean we can no longer have on-duty "spirit" shirts to wear. Which is a bummer for pride ( and all the other "spirit" months). But it is pushing us into a direction we have been contemplating for a while. Many local departments now have LGBTQ+ liasons that are readily accessible, but some dont. Yet. Some first responders have never had departmental recognition or support. And our goal from the start was to show the LGBTQ+ first responder community that they matter. They are valued as their authentic selves. We wanted to show the community at large we are a welcoming service, were they do no need to hide their authentic selves. Our shirts and the folks wearing them have helped to show how big our community is while supporting some amazing causes.

And now, to the future! Nicola and I have discussed for years branching out, to find ways to show support and love to more than just our department alone. W

e do this as 100% volunteer time, and some of our own money, to make this happen. And it has been so rewarding we want to keep going. We are committed to continue to support the LGBTQ+ first responder community, focusing on the Baltimore area. We are looking for different platforms for fundraisers, new designs (Thanks, Katy, for your awesomeness), and non-profit status.

Thank you all for being with us through our growing pains and growing ideas. We always appreciate your ideas, input, and comments!

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