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Small things, BIG difference

We were recently asked by Joseph Wade, from Sparta New Jersey to write an email in support of a holiday flag pole. I had no idea the impact this small request would ignite. In Sparta a church had undergone multiple attacks for simply showing the whole community they are seen.

Theses links will tell you more about their story.

There has been much hate on so many different platforms that this was a request that could not be ignored. Our President Nicola Maguire wrote the following letter of support.

Responders for PRIDE was not the only group that supported this important movement to show all of the community they are seen, and worthy. We join a group of countless community members as well of known and distinguished support groups

The Mayor of Sparta Township, Daniel Chiariello responded within hours of the support email being sent and while his response was simple, he let us know it was seen. He wrote the following

"Thank you for your support. Most of all, thank you for taking the time to write and share your thoughts."

Dan Chiariello Mayor, Sparta Township, New Jersey

When we come together even with small things we can make a difference in a BIG way. Know that you are seen, and we will acknowledge and fend for the right for you to love who you love, and be your true authentic self with no judgement, or hate.

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