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What my Ears Hear

We celebrate National Public Safety Telecommunicators week.

April 9th - 15th

"You don’t know who I am; to you I am just a voice.

It was me who took your frantic call, when you had no other choice.

I spend many hours waiting, to help when you’re in need.

“Send help to me, please get them here" is often what you plead.

To do my job is complex, but only a few tools are a must.

Put your faith in me, I am the one that you can trust.

My ears are a necessity; my mouth a mighty sword

I must use my ears to listen, and then choreograph every word.

I am the protector of this land; I take pride in what I do.

I am here to listen and do what is best for you.

The day you place a call to me, might be the worst day you ever had.

At least today you know, I too was feeling sad.

I take your problems home with me, I know that’s not so good,

But as you felt your tragedy it was by your side I stood.

I walked with you to the door, to let them into help,

I guided you to safety, when all alone you felt.

It is not often we hear praise or even simple thanks,

But the cookies and cards are plenty through police and fire ranks.

The day you placed your call, and I picked up the phone.

I hope I made you feel safe and showed you you’re not alone.

Remember who I am, I am not just a voice,

I am the 911 Dispatcher you called when you had no other choice"

Tracy Eldridge- On Scene First

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